AudioSwift 2 With Lightroom

Your Trackpad As A Photo Editing Tool

AudioSwift (US$24) requires macOS 10.12 or newer.

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Speed Up Your Workflow With A Trackpad

Do you want to edit photos faster in Lightroom? Originally designed for music production, AudioSwift for macOS lets you use a trackpad as a powerful photo editing tool with the help of an open source third party plugin. By just sliding your fingers over its surface, you can change values like exposure or contrast without moving the mouse pointer over each parameter on screen.

Watch our free tutorial and learn how easy is to use AudioSwift.

For MacBooks and Magic Trackpads

In order to use AudioSwift with Lightroom, it requires the MIDI2LR plugin to be installed. Here is information about the plugin and resources for this tutorial:

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MIDI2LR Website

Download Preset Files

Workaround For Language Settings / Known Issues

MIDI2LR Custom Mapping Tutorial