Free Trackpad MPE Pack for Ableton Live 11 + Tutorial

The Trackpad MPE Pack is a free collection of 12 MPE Instrument Racks for Ableton Live 11 Suite, originally designed to be used with a trackpad and AudioSwift. AudioSwift for macOS transforms your MacBook or Magic Trackpad into a grid-style MPE controller for expressive sounds. It’s a great handy tool that takes advantage of Live 11’s support for MIDI Polyphonic Expression or MPE.

Listen to some of these instruments in the following demo video:

These Instruments Racks are built with Wavetable as the main sound generator and no samples. They come with macro variations and include the MPE Control device to tweak the response curves of the controller. 

Variations and MPE Control

The MPE presets vary between drones, pads, leads and rhythmic patterns. They can also be played with any MPE controller besides AudioSwift or with a regular MIDI keyboard using the mod wheel, aftertouch and pitch bend.

If you want to try these sounds with your MacBook or Magic Trackpad, download AudioSwift’s 15-days trial demo. Check out this tutorial on how to use AudioSwift with Ableton Live devices and third party instruments:

Be sure to download Trackpad MPE Pack for Ableton Live 11 Suite and have fun!

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