Try Out These New Features In Beta

UPDATED – November 15, 2022

I’ve been working on new features for AudioSwift version 3. I’ll be releasing what I have so far in beta versions, so users can try it out and implement these features in their workflow. Please, bookmark this page for future updates. Download the current beta version from the link below and watch the video tutorials.

IMPORTANT! – Before installing this beta version, please save your current AudioSwift settings and copy your license key code in a safe place. This is just a precaution if we need to go back to a previous stable version.


What’s new in version 2.3.3 Beta?

  • Adds option to use more than three fingers at the same time in Trigger, Slider and XY Modes.
  • Adds option to use computer keyboard as MIDI Keys (press CMD + K)
  • Fixes minor bugs.

Version 2.3.2 Beta

  • Now AudioSwift doesn’t require to be the foreground app on screen.
  • Plugin windows won’t disappear in Ableton Live, Studio One, Cubase, Bitwig Studio and Digital Performer when AudioSwift is on.
  • Adds option to use DAW shortcuts when AudioSwift is on.
  • Adds 4 more sliders in Slider Mode for a total of 16 sliders.
  • Adds new View 6 in XY Mode with four independent XY pads.
  • Adds option to change middle C in Trigger and Scale Modes.
  • Adds option for sending Channel Pressure messages per note via X or Y axes in MPE mode.
  • Adds option for sending Channel Pressure in Slider and XY modes.
  • Adds key shortcut to disable the X axis temporarily by pressing the Shift key in MPE mode and XY pads.
  • Adds key shortcut H to open/close the Console Window. Press SHIFT + H to make the Console window always on top.
  • Changes key shortcut for opening Trackpad window to J. Adds key shortcut SHIFT + J to make the Trackpad Window on top.
  • Adds key shortcut CMD + Comma to open/close Preferences window.
  • Fixes issue with grayed drop-down menus in Monterey.
  • Fixes an issue when sending different CCs in the X and Y axes in MPE mode.