About Apple Silicon M1 Support & macOS Monterey

The latest AudioSwift version 2.2.4 works with both Intel and M1 Macs on macOS Big Sur, via the Rosetta 2 translation.

I finally got an M1 MacBook Pro and I started porting AudioSwift’s code to be Universal Binary (UB). It’s running natively, however there are a couple of bugs I still need to check out. The next AudioSwift update will also include some new features and I’ll probably release a beta version first for you to try out.

On June 7th Apple announced macOS 12 Monterey, the newest operating system. I haven’t downloaded the beta yet to tell if AudioSwift runs properly. I normally wait for a couple of macOS revisions before doing a test. I’ll keep you informed.

For the last 3 years since AudioSwift was first released, all updates have been free and they will continue like that. I’ll keep maintaining AudioSwift as long as I have health, time and when Apple’s updates still allow the app to do what it’s designed for. I’ll appreciate that if you like AudioSwift, please recommend it to someone else when you have a chance. New purchases help maintaining the app and adding new features.

Best regards,

Nigel Rios
Developer of AudioSwift